* A Geant4 application for Monte Carlo simulation of radiation detectors *


ParticleCounter is an application for Monte Carlo simulation of radiation detectors based on the Geant4 toolkit.

The ParticleCounter application (version 4.7) has been tested on Geant4 10.1 (patch-03) using Ubuntu 18.04 or later.

ParticleCounter is currently focused on simulations with 3He-filled neutron counters. Extension to other kinds of radiation detectors, such as HPGe or silicon, is planned for future versions.


Copyright (c) 2022 Ariel Tarifeno-Saldivia.

ParticleCounter is distributed by the author for free. Particle counter is provided "as it is" and without warranty of any kind. This code implementation is possible thanks to the scientific and technical work of the GEANT4 collaboration.

Distribution of ParticleCounter is based on user's request.



  • Realistic implementation of different commercial detectors.

  • Internal definition of different materials.

  • “User friendly” parametric implementation of geometries, detectors and materials.

  • User access to track information from the Monte Carlo transport.

  • Particle source based on the G4GeneralParticleSource (GPS) provided by the Geant4 toolkit.

  • Scoring based on the internally defined scorers of ParticleCounter or the command-based scoring functionality provided by the Geant4 toolkit.

  • Previous versions of the code have been described in: PoS(XLASNPA)068, 2013 & JINST 12 (2017) P04006.

What can be done?

Detector design and optimization

Detection efficiency calculations

Response Matrix calculations

Projects using ParticleCounter

BRIKEN project

HENSA project

Neutron dosimetry TECH